So-Called “Right to Work” laws harm Texans

As is the case with many southern states, Texas law values profit over people through the passage of So-Called “Right to Work” legislation.

How has So-Called “Right to Work” affected organized labor in Texas?

In 1993, Texas passed So-Called “Right to Work” laws. Since then, the state has seen a building boom like no other. Corporations flocked to Texas and need for highly skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen to construct their facilities increaed. 

However, in many instances, this construction work is not performed by the best-trained and most-skilled workers. Instead it is done by less-skilled workers, who undergo little training, make frequent mistakes and routinely expose themselves and others on the jobsite to safety hazards.

UA Local 404, along with fellow United Association Local Unions and member contractors oppose So-Called “Right to Work” laws, as they create an unsafe workplace and encourage the use of unskilled, low-wage labor.

According to Tex. Labor Code Ann. §§ 101.001, an employer cannot deny employment from an individual based on union membership. The law allows workers to gain union representation and all the benefits enjoyed from union membership without paying their fair share.

These laws restrict unions and financially harm them by allowing people to utilize their representation for free.


So-Called “Right to Work” laws diminish the safety of Local 404 and all United Association members in Texas.

It is no surprise that Texas is one of the most dangerous states for construction workers. This is due to the massive amounts of unskilled, untrained workers used for cheap labor.

The establishment of So-Called “Right-to-Work” laws made made this possible, as it opened the door to for contractors to invest little to no money in their workers.

Local 404 and our affiliated member contractors fully fund the United Association Local 404 registered apprenticeship program, where those entering the pipe trades learn how to efficiently, effectively and safely perform their jobs. 

All members of UA Local 404 are required to carry at least an Occupational Safety and Health Administration 10-hour training card on jobsites to prove they have completed the course. Some other projects may require further safety training, which the Union fully funds.