In Memory

May we never forget our Brothers and Sisters who have passed away.

It is with great sorrow we report on the death of a Brother or Sister.

We owe all of the individuals listed on this page our respect and gratitude for building an organization we all take pride in as members. Many of the working conditions and benefits we enjoy today were built through their blood, sweat and determination to make things better for the future members of Local 404.

Their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed, as we do not take their sacrifices lightly. Thanks to them, we are the most highly trained and most highly skilled piping industry professionals in the region.

May God bless them and their families.

We remember the following deceased members and proudly note their years of service to Local Union 404:

Member and Years of Service

Larry Clemishire
55 Years

John L. Corp
8 Years

Thomas Harrison Sr.
12 Years

Brian Sweat
17 Years

Mark E.  Warren
24 Years

Herb E. Payne
31 Years

William M. Roberds
36 Years

P I Gaines
40 Years

Danny J. Sammons
42 Years

William A. Wood
47 Years

H. E. Walker
56 years

P. I. Gaines
40 years