Ensuring clean water through quality water infrastructure

A significant portion of U.S. infrastructure is water infrastructure, which includes piping systems that supply fresh or potable water and a sanitary system to remove wastewater. 

Highly trained and highly skilled United Association Local 404 members can modernize our community’s pipe systems. Local 404 and our signatory contractors favor infrastructure legislation to replace old pipes and modernize the region’s water infrastructure to not only deliver clean, safe drinking water, but to keep wastewater flowing and ensure it does not contaminate drinking water.

Based on expected population growth in the Northwest Texas areas, the current pipe systems in many communities will not be able to handle the increase in users and their demand for water or to move wastewater.

Throughout the U.S., the effects of old and mismanaged piping systems have endangered the health of many Americans. Water crisises in Flint, Mich. and Jackson, Miss. are examples of the problems that arise from old pipe systems that are not adequately cared for or replaced when they are contaminated. This inaction can devastate a local community.

Due to corrosion and mismanagement, water systems will break and not only require a costly cleanup or fix, but also inconvenience to all who rely on these systems.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the U.S. water system is in bad shape and needs to undergo major modernization. They estimate that each year, 7 billion gallons of water are lost throughout the U.S. from leaking pipes, and it will cost an estimated $1 trillion to fix this problem.

Creating jobs for pipe trades members by investing in water infrastructure

The New Deal created thousands of jobs for Americans, who built infrastructure projects throughout the country. The modernization of our water infrastructure will do the same. The amount of work that needs to be completed is massive; and the tradesmen and tradeswomen who perform this work should earn a family-supporting wage and excellent fringe benefits.

Investment in the nation’s water infrastructure will create tens of thousands of jobs, not only for construction workers but also for the men and women who manufacture the materials, as American-made products and materials should be used in these projects.

The pipe trades industry sees a great need for new journeymen and apprentices to join our ranks. Local 404 and our signatory contractors invest money to train their members and ensure they are the region’s most highly skilled and highly trained pipe trades workforce. UA members earn an excellent hourly wage, great health insurance and good retirement benefits.